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Sharon Adams is going to pick up chicken in Sargent and there will be pulled pork for Sat noon meats.
Remember your pictures and stories Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.
Plus, I will be furnishing drinks. Georgia

William Seth Moninger 


Ellajane (Brown) Moninger 

Burwell, Nebraska 

We have reserved the Taylor Community Center for July 23 and 24 (Sat and Sun) with our main pot luck Sat at noon, maybe find a restaurant with some local flavor for sat evening for those wishing to extend the day and then a brunch 11ish on Sun morning.
Our reunion theme will be 'Picture This' and we would like each family branch to bring a card stock 8.5 x 11" sheet of current family photos and one of vintage photos. put names on the back and we will have a contest of who can identify the most vintage photos. Will be a prize.
We would be interested in someone leading (and organizing an old time sing along etc.) Know we have a lot of talented family members.
I am working on a picture quilt of Grandma and Grandpa Moninger and their children and their spouses; I have some pics thanks to Georgia and Deana but would like to have vintage pics (wedding era if we can locate them otherwise will use later ones) Have a great picture of Orval (thanks Deanna) but none with Frances
These are pics I need if anyone can e mail some to me:
John and Louella (have older pics of them separately would like one together)
Orval and Frances
Faye and Wesley
Pearl and Hank
Fred and Wilda
George and Louella (have a recent -50th Anni one)
Fred and Wilda
Laura and Paul (have a recent-50th anni one)
Richard-Do you have the email list for reunions...if so can you send this info for us?
Richard and Don Small...might you have any of these pics in boxes from your Mothers.
Any suggestions, comments let me know (but no complaints haha)
An lastly Johnette are you doing well enough to get infor on the web site.


" The Moninger Family Heritage" 


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The German surname Muninger, and it's variants Muning, Munninger,
Moninger, Munch, and Monch, is of local origin, that is, it belongs to the category of surnames derived from a geographical feature, either natural of man made, near which the original bearer once lived or held land. In this instance, the name is ultimately derived from the Middle High German "monch, munch", from the Latin "monachus", meaning "monk". Thus the name indicates "one who resided in, or near, a monastery, a monk, or one who was employed by the monks:. However, it is also possible that the name is of toponymic origin, denoting "one who came from Muning or Moning", the names of various small places in Germany which are today extinct.

Surnames did not come into general employ until relatively late in the Middle Ages. With the growth of societies and the development of documentation, mainly for taxation purposes, it became essential to distinguish between persons of the same first name. However, the earliest record of this surname or a variant dates back to 1135 when one Hermann Monachus is listed as a citizen of Cologne. Early records were often in Latin. In 1204 one Albrecht Munch was residing in Wurttemberg and Ritter Hugo dictus Monarchus or Munich is mentioned in records from 1286. Henneke Monigh was living in Barth I 1337 and Kasper Munninger lived in Unterschneidheim in 16`4. The death of Franz Stephen Munninger is recorded in Karlsruhe in 1854. This surname was introduced into the U. S. by German records one Louis Moninger who settled in Indiana.

BLAZON OF ARMS: Sable, on a mount argent, a lion rampant
or, armed and langued gules, holding
between the front paws three ears of corn

TRANSLATION: The lion denotes Courage, Strength,
and Generosity.

CREST: The lion of the arms issuing.

SOURCE REF: Siebmacher’s Wappenbuch bg. 13,43


Some Data Regarding

The Moninger Family

By Grant Moninger & Jesse W. Moninger
June 1927

Rewritten by Ruth Moniger Nesbit 1990’s
Reformatted by Johnette Moninger 2007

^0^   ^0^   ^0^   ^0^   ^0^

Those persons known by the name Moninger and the descendants of such parentage are comparatively few in numbers in the United States; the name does not even appear in the directory of the city of New York or that of Philadelphia.

In addition to what might be termed the Moninger family of Washington County, Pennsylvania, there are persons bearing the same name, who are located in and about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; another branch located at Columbus, Ohio; another in and about Indianapolis, Indiana; and still another in Chicago, Illinois; these different families, all of whom are trace their ancestry to German parentage, are not know to claim any relationship to each other, and if any exists to the Washington County family, the division dates back to a time prior to the year 1800.

The name is common in Germany, where it is spelled exactly as in America,
M-o-n-i-n-g-e-r; many families known by the name are now located in the city of Munich, others in Karlsruhe, at least one member of the family in Germany is widely known, "Kommerzienrat" Karl Moninger of Karlsruhe; this title is one conferred by the Germans on distinguished financiers and men of business.

Frans Ed. Knapp, a Genealogist of Karlsruhe, claims to be able to definitely trace the ancestry of the MONINGER family in Germany, back to the 15th century, and can locate the town and homestead where the family resided; he also reports that in recent researches he found the old family Coat of Arms.

At the Lutheran Church, located near Glyde, which is about seven miles southeast of Washington, Pennsylvania, there is a sandstone slab with this inscription:


Also the epitaph:

Death has conquered me, and by its dart I am slain,
But Christ has conquered death, and I shall rise again.

Alongside this headstone is another, inscribed:


This stone is now crumbled to such extant it is not possible to read either the age or epitaph.

Nothing definite is known in regard to the ancestry of John and Madalena Moninger, who no doubt were born in Germany, about the year 1753. The statement is made by on authority that the parents did not emigrate from Germany until after the birth of their eight children. Other data, which looks more credible, would indicate the parents were located at Funkstown, Maryland, in 1789. This date is prior to that of the birth of at least two of the children. The earliest definite location of the family now known is the year 1800, when they crossed the Allegheny Mountains westward into Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Washington County was erected March 28, 1781, and included territory settled chiefly by the Scotch Irish, yet between the years 1769 and 1790, at a time when it is said many German families left their native land and emigrated to the United States, certain of these families found their way into this County, and established themselves; chief among these settlements was that of West Bethlehem Township; this colony extended well into the township of Amwell; it was to this settlement John Moninger brought his family in the year 1800.

The records of Washington County clearly show John Moninger, by occupation a carpenter, a resident of Amwell Township in 1800. On March 2, 1808, he purchased 139 acres of land, which he improved and occupied as a home the remainder of his life. This tract of land, now known as the Onias Moninger farm, has been continuously held, and is now owned, by the direct descendants of this John Moninger.

In the settlement of the estate by John Moninger, the paper on file at No. 36, 1835 and at No. 10 1840, in the Registers Office, give some data of interest, by way of comparison with present conditions and prices existing today; as is evidenced by the bill of Peter Wolf dated:

June 7, 1834, for a coffin and hauling corpse to grave $12.00
April 10, 1840, for a coffin for Mary Madaline Moninger, $10.00

Also among the receipts on file are two signed by Manuel Quinn, which are self explanatory; *viz:

November 12, 1835 For Tombstone for John Moninger $9.50
February 27, 1840 For Tombstone for Widow $9.50

At the sale of the personal property of this estate, which was held on September 4, 1835, s articles of interest were sold. Among the articles:

One copper kettle, purchased by Daniel Harshman for $6.78
A bed and bedding sold to Christine Moninger for $5.00
One clock and case to John Moninger for $7.50

This clock is now owned and in use in the home of J. Wildon Moninger, having been handed down to the 4th generation.


1. Mary
2. Catherine
3. Madaline
4. George
5. Henry
6. John
7. Jacob
8. Elizabeth

Mary Moninger (Of John and Magdalena) married John Shipe, and settled in Washington County, Pennsylvania, in the year 1800. John Shipe and Mary Moninger were married prior to the year 1800 by referring to the assessment made that year for taxes for the year 1801, we find the name John Shipe, married, by occupation a saddler, a resident of Amwell Township, Washington County, Penna.

In above assessment books now in the Commissioners office of this County, we first find the name of John Moninger the father-in-law of John Shipe, the names each appear for the first time in the same year, and a few years later the two families purchase and locate on adjoining tracts of land for their homes, these tracts were continuously held by their direct descendants for more than one hundred years thereafter.

John Shipe and his brother-in-law John Moninger, Jr. Were soldiers in the War of 1812, where Shipe lost his life, leaving his wife Mary with five small children. She never remarried and drew a pension from the government until her death, which occurred about the year 1860. Her body is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery near Glyde, Pennsylvania. I cannot locate this grave.

Children of John and Mary (Moninger) Shipe:

1. Isaac married Catherine Braden
2. George married Elizabeth Moninger
3. Polly married Daniel Keeney
4. Rebecca married Samuel Charlton
5. Elizabeth married Sebastian Bowig and located in Monroe County, Ohio,
Where they resided in 1842.

Catherine Moninger (of John and Magdalena) married Jacob Moore. Soon thereafter they relocated to Carroll County, Ohio; where, with a few exceptions the living descendants of this union continue to reside.

Catherine died in 1832 and her remains were interred in a cemetery in Carrollton, Ohio; the grave one time marked by a sandstone headstone cannot now be located. After the death of Catherine the husband remarried Mary Margaret Yant I 1839. Their only daughter, Lavina was born in 1844. This daughter (never married) was living at Canton, Ohio in 1927.

Jacob and Catherine (Moninger) Moore Children

1. John, born 1803; died 1894; 7 children, 2 living in 1926
2. Mary Magdalena, born 1805; died 1877; 12 children
3. George, born 1808; died 1877; no children
4. Jacob, born 1810; died 1893; 7 children; 1 living in 1926
5. Peter, born 1812; died 1884; 11 children; 3 living in 1926.

Magdalena Moninger (of John and Magdalena) married Daniel Harshman and resided for many years in South Strabane Township. Later in life the family moved to Washington, Pennsylvania. They occupied a log house, which is still standing on East Pine Alley, near Lincoln Street. Madeline died in 1848, at that cabin and is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery, near Glyde, Penna. The grave cannot now be located.

Daniel and Magdalena (Moninger) Harshman Children:

1. John; 14 children; moved to St Claire, Wisconsin about 1875
2. Jacob, married _??__ Bamberger; 
home in Washington County
3. Henry, located in Kenton, Ohio; 8 children
4. Andrew, located in Washington County; 4 children
5. Jackson, Washington County; 9 children
6. George, married Lavivia Shepherd; 5 children
7. William died unmarried
8. Samuel died unmarried.
9. Susan, married _??_ Wonsettler; no children.
10. Elizabeth, married Joseph Holmes; 6 children; 
4 of who died unmarried
A. Daughter Jane married Charles Carter
B. Daughter Catherine married William S. Trowbridge

George Moninger (of John and Magdalena) married 
Elizabeth __??__ .
According to records in the County Commissioners Office, he resided in Strabane Township, Washington, Pennsylvania from 1804 to 1810. He was the owner of certain real estate. He died prior to 1830. The place of burial is unknown. In records, kept by the Ten Nile Lutheran Church, it is recorded that two children of this parentage were baptized. One in 1806, the other in 1809. After the death of George Moninger, certain of his children appear to have made their home with the descendants of their Aunt Mary, who married John Shipe. Data at hand would indicate the name of one child is missing from the list here.

George and Elizabeth Moninger Children;

1. Susanna, born May 20, 1806.
2. Christiana, born August 9, 1809.
3. Mary Madaline
4. Elizabeth, born prior to 1812; married George Shipe -
he being the son of John and Mary (Moninger) Shipe.
5. George, born 1813; married, no children; died 1900;
buried in Lone Pine Cemetery.
6. John, married; 7 children; moved to Nebraska about 1864.
7. Samuel, located New Philadelphia, Ohio, left family.
8. Jacob, located New Castle, Indiana; 
left Daughter Mary and son Frank.
9. Margaret, Married __??__ Hodgens.
10. Daniel, died unmarried.

*(“Viz” is a legal word, which is a synonym for the common word “example”)

By Nolah Bolli

William Moninger, son of John and Mary Moninger, was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania. His parents died when he was a small child and he was reared by John and Elizabeth Emerick.

He came to Nebraska with his parents in 1865, two years before the state was admitted to statehood, making the entire trip from Pennsylvania to Omaha by steamboat.

In 1883, William Moninger and Ella Jane Brown were married at Fremont, Nebraska. The following February they came to the newly organized Loup County in a covered wagon. They live at Kent, while Mr. Moninger helped build the Kent Bridge, the first in the county. When the bridge was completed, they crossed the North Loup River and the covered wagon followed the winding trail up the valley and they camped on the Moninger ranch, two miles northwest of the Abbott Bridge. The covered wagon served as a shelter until a soddy could be constructed on the homestead. Twelve children were born. Two died in infancy. Lola is buried on the ranch, and Seth near Waterloo, Nebraska.

Pearl married J. H. Roblyer and lived in Loup County 91 years. They had three daughters.

John married Luella Fales and lived on a Kinkaid homestead. They had eleven children.

Orville married Frances Taylor. He served in World War I, then became a carpenter and lived in Omaha, Nebraska. They had two sons.

Annie married Roy Austin. They lived in Loup County fifty-one years, before moving to Garfield County. They had one son.

Faye married Wesley Smith and had five children. She now lives in Torrington, Wyoming.

Fern married Francis Hoobler and had three sons.

Laura married Paul Myers and had one son. She now lives in Champion, Nebraska.

Lila married Dewey Larsen. They had five children. She now lives in Potter, Nebraska.

George married Luella Sinner. They had seven children and she now resides in Broken Bow, Nebraska.

Fred married Wilda Gumb. They had four children. Fred’s family still owns part of the original ranch.

William raised corn and wheat he tool to Burwell, Nebraska to the gristmill. He cut cedar posts, which he took to Grand Island, Nebraska and exchanged for groceries and other necessities. Pearl told how he always brought home some oranges so each child had an orange in his stocking at Christmas. He trained his team to go down the road while he hunted wild game.

Came the drought years of the ‘90’s with crop failure and disaster William helped organize the Newton Irrigation Co., November 1894. He served as Sheriff of Loup County from 1892 until 1896. From 1917 until 1926 he was County Treasurer. He built the house in Taylor now owned by Howard Strong. He was treasurer of his local school for thirty years; Assessor and precinct assessor for many years. In 1927, he returned to his ranch with this wife and two sons, George and Fred.

When Elizabeth Emerick passed away they moved to the rooming House in Burwell where they lived until their deaths.

From :
The Loup County – Taylor, Neb.
Centennial 1883 – 1983

Compiled by:
Loup County Centennial Committee

By Kevin Brown

Vern and Maxine Brown were married October 6, 1940, at Grand Island, Nebraska. Their first home was at the Alfred Scherzberg Home near Valleyview on the weekends. At that time, Vern was working and boarding at Wiley’s Store in Taylor, Nebraska and driving the Valleyview school bus to Taylor High School. Maxine was teaching her third and final term at the Ovitt School in the northern part of Loup County. She boarded with several families through the week during her tenure in the district.

Mr. Brown came to Loup County in 1935 when his half-sister Leora Davis, husband Charles, and daughter Dona Jean bought the Valleyview Store. At Valleyview, Vern worked at the store and for various neighbors. He and Davis later bought the bus route from Ray Strege. During the weekend dances at Valleyview Hall, Vern sometimes served as floor manager. He played third baseman for the Valleyview ball team, too.

Before the store at Valleyview closed, Vern and Bob Wiley briefly operated the Brown and Wiley filling station in Taylor, Nebraska 1938 –1939, where Phil Hart’s shop is now (old Skyline Service). About 1941, Vern and Maxine rented a two-room apartment in Taylor and opened the Taylor Feed Store and Cream Station. Vern trucked in cream from many farmers and sold to Fairmont in Grand Island, Nebraska. They also sold Gooch Feds. The couple managed on an average of 98 cents a week for food, Maxine says. Vern was a member of the Taylor Lions Club.

Vern was born at Marengo, Iowa on February 5, 1907, to Andrew and Aletha (Allen) Brown. His mother later married Leo B. Gilbert of Inavale, Nebraska. The Gilbert’s and Vern lived in Webster County and he graduated from Inavale High in 1926. They left for Rose in 1932 and farmed there until 1934. In 1934, the Gilbert’s and Vern moved into northern Garfield County and built a country store at Cedar Valley. Eventually, his parents retired to Burwell, Nebraska. Vern, meanwhile, worked at various ranches in the area until he came to Valleyview.

Maxine Irene Schrzberg Brown was born at Valleyview December 28, 1919, to Alfred and Wilma Scherzberg. She attended Valleyview School and Taylor High, graduating in 1937. Immediately following graduation, Maxine began teaching in Loup County schools: Spring Creek No. 25, 1937 – 1938; Ovitt No. 18, 1938 – 1939, 1939 – 1940, 1940- 1941; Kent No. 1-107, 1941 – 1942; and Valleyview No. 17, 1942 –1943, 1944 – 1945. She joined Valleyview Ladies Club in 1946.

Vern was drafted into the Army in 1942; soon he was transferred to the Air Corps. Maxine joined him at Douglas, Arizona, in the fall of 1943 where she worked as an aide in the Air Base Hospital.

When Vern was discharged late in 1945, the Brown’s moved to Burwell, Nebraska. Their daughter Andrea was born in 1946 and their son in 1955. Kevin now teaches in the Loup County High School and lives in Taylor.

While working at his long-time position at Burwell Independent Oil, Vern was accidentally killed March 10, 1980. He is buried at Cottonwood Cemetery, Burwell, Nebraska. Mrs. Brown continues to live in Burwell. 

From :
The Loup County – Taylor, Neb.
Centennial 1883 – 1983

Compiled by:
Loup County Centennial Committee 

Burwell Hotels

The Burwell Hotel was built by W. H. Miner in 1907. He sold this hotel to Mr. And Mrs. Harry Hallock on December 11, 1912. Mr. Hallock died in 1919 and Mrs. Effigene Hallock and her son, Chester ran this hotel until April 1, 1948 when they sold out to Dr. Eldon J. Smith who turned the business over to his relatives, Mr. And Mrs. George F. Sanders who operated it until October 2, 1958 when they sold out to Mr. And Mrs. Joseph L. Dworak, who now own it.

James Dobbins built a modern motel – the Rodeo Motel on the eastern outskirts of the town. It is now owned and operated by Mr. And Mrs. Charles Haskell. Press Cline operated the Farmers Hotel in Burwell in the 1890’s and early 1900’s.

The Pink Rooming House is now owned and operated by Mrs. Minnie Anderson who has possessed it since 1954. This is Burwell’s only fourstory building. It was erected in 1912 by Mrs. Elizabeth Emerick. She lived there about 15 years and when she died Mr. And Mrs. William Moninger inherited the building. In 1941 the Moningers sold the rooming house to their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. And Mrs. Roy Austin. Ten years later the Austins sold out to Mr. And Mrs. William McMonagle from whom Mrs. Anderson acquired the building in 1954. She has several tenants with her who were living in the building when she bought it. She has installed a gas furnace and built a five car garage south of the building. The building contains 12 apartments and eight sleeping rooms.

Burwell has also had a number of boarding houses, the patrons of which were mainly railroad employees or teachers. Two of the best known boarding houses were the ones maintained by Mrs. August Skans across the street from the Methodist Church, and by Mrs. W. W. Hemmett Sr., in the present B. W. Wagner residence. These boarding houses ceased operations in the late 1920’s. 

From :
The Loup County – Taylor, Neb.
Centennial 1883 – 1983

Compiled by:
Loup County Centennial Committee

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214. Myers, Rosa 

215. Nelms, Elizabeth

216. Nelms, Larry & Georgia 

217. Nelms, Zach & Hiroko

218. Nichols, Michael & Sonja 

219. Olson, Bump & Melanie

220. Olson, Elisse

221. Olson, Evelyn

222. Olson, Loyd B. III

223. Olson, Polly 

224. Ott, Jason & Marilyn 

225. Ott, Kamryn

226. Ott, Rylee

227. Paxton, Camron & Lisa 

228. Pfender, Shawn & Colette

229. Phillips, Terry & Deborah

230. Powell, Pat & Jerry

231. Prichard, Chris & Kimberly

232. Pybas, Christa

233. Roblyr, Henry "Hank" & Pearl JR.

234. Saunderson, Elizabeth

235. Saunderson, Sean

236. Sears, Hubert & Viola 
(Hubert - Deceased)

237. Searson, Jacquelyn

238. Searson, Jeffery

239. Searson, Jeremy

240. Searson, Leigh 

241. Sibley, Richard & Carol

242. Small, Breck

243. Small, Danielle

244. Small, Donald & Pam

245. Small, Edward  & Lois

246. Small, Elise

247. Small, Goerge & Sue 

248. Small, Herbert & Ava

249. Small, Joseph "Corey" & Beth 

250. Small, Kyte

251. Small, Lindsey

252. Small, Rhys

253. Small, Tell

254. Smith, Doris 

255. Smith, John & Faye

256. Smith, LeRoy & LaDonna 

257. Smith, Pat 

258. Smith, William 

259. Svec, Gene & Kristi

260. Svec, Isabella

261. Svec, Jacob

262. Svec, Jordyn

263. Svec, Nathan

264. Taylor, Marge 

265. Taylor, Monte

266. Trobough, Joyce 

267. Vickers, Christopher & Julie

268. Vickers, Thomas & Shauna

269. Vogel, Larry

270. Watts, Marty & Goven Maria 

271. Wibbeler, Hoot & Becky

272. Wietzki, Adam & Christine

273. Wietzki, BJ

274. Wietzki, Chris

275. Wietzki, Colton

276. Wietzki, Daniel & Susan

277. Wietzki, Fallon

278. Wietzki, Harrison "Sonny"

279. Wietzki, Joshua & Carie

280. Wietzki, Logan

281. Wietzki, Mason

282. Wietzki, McKenna

283. Wietzki, Rodney & Cindy 

284. Wietzki, Shauna

285. Wildermuth, Kalyn

286. Wildermuth, Ryan & Dawn

287. Yocum, Gordon & Lola 

288. Yocum, Gordon L. & Anna Dell SR.

Milburn High School
1920 – 1942

Just a short distance from Custer County’s north boundary and in the Middle Loup River country one finds the Milburn community where first postmaster handled mail as long ago as December 1, 1887. District 23 was organized here, about 20 miles north of Merna, to provide high school education for several previously elementary-only districts in the area. There were three high school students when District 23’s frame building opened in 1920: Walter Daily, George Butcher, and Anna Reyner. All received diplomas upon completing the 11th grade in 1923. In 1929 three more Milburn gradates formed the first class to complete a four-year program carrying through a 12th grade: Seth Daily, Irene Daily, and Rose Laughran. School board members at that time included Steve Daily, Sr., George Butcher Sr., and L. Ullam.

Superintendent at that time was Glenn Sargent, described as an interesting teacher and an innovator. He started a hot lunch program and a band, scheduled many field trips and new activities in the school in the school and the community.

The Milburn School produced its share of scholars and earned wider fame for the success of its basketball team, called the Badgers and dresses in blue and gold. Strong in their area, the Milburn boys played for the Class C title in the 1929 state tournament in Lincoln. One of the many outstanding athletes was Tom Laughran who later became a referee.

The interest in athletics played a role in the closing of Milburn High School. It was during World War II when teacher-coach Virgil Ferguson was drafted into the army and the school was unable to find and hire a male to replace him. With Miss Dunlevy as superintendent and Irene Dewey replacing Ferguson as teacher, but without a coach, many boys dropped out of Milburn High School. Some joined the armed services, others enrolled in other Custer County schools; Merna, Anselmo, Broken Bow, or Sargent. This left a 1943 graduating class of four girls. The high school did not reopen that fall or ever again.

1930 – 31 Basketball team:
Lloyd Farley, Greg Claney,
Claude Ullam, Jack Traxel,
Roy Moninger, Harold Welch, and Steven Daily. 

The Settlement
Loup And
Blaine Counties

By: Colleen I. Switzer
Broken Bow NE:
Purcell’s Inc., 1977


West End Vicinity

In 1878 the E. P. Dunn family came from Iowa and settled on the far side of Loup County territory, on the north side of the river, on the place now owned by Alfred Copsey. The Dunns remained only a short time before moving across the line into Blaine County. Their homestead was later occupied by Dan Strohl and his wife, Laura. Mr. Strohl built the present barn in the year 1909, the same year his neighbor, Mr. Worth, constructed a large cement block house on his homestead. The Ferguson post office was first located in the Strohl home.
(In later years, 1922, Wesley Reynolds lived on this place and 
operated a sawmill.)

Loup County’s first ranch was established in this area in 1879 by Bethuel S. Sawyer and his three sons. The ranch was located across the river south of the Dunn-Strohl place.

Charles Cooper Sr. and his wife, Mary Ann Trindle, were early settlers in the West End Community. Their homestead was located on land that is now also a part of the Copsey place. They were parents of several children. Charley O. Copper, Jr., married Catherine Clark, a daughter of George Clark ; George Copper married Lena Fricke; Mattie Copper married William Jackson, a son of William and Lottie (Shephers) Jackson; and Cora Copper married Lafayette Woods, son of A. R. and Eliza (Wooster) Woods. Charley Jr. and Catherine Cooper were the parents of Leo, Alfred, Louise, and
Ethel (Mrs. Harold Clay) and they lived in the area many years.

In 1883, a group of settlers came from Crawford County, Iowa by covered wagon and settled north of the river near the Blaine County line. Among these families were George Worth and His wife, Flora (Swift); Flora’s mother and step-father, Alonzo P. and Eunice (Robinson-Swift) Hurlburt and their sons, Ed and Sam Hurlburt; and Mr. Worth’s parents, John and Ann (Dugdil) Worth. The group camped for three weeks along the way and lived in tents after arriving until homes could be built. The Hurlburts Later moved to Blaine County. The Worths were parents of a large family and one son, Walter, now occupies the Worth homestead.* The other children were: Grace, who married Colonel McIntyre, son of Blaine County settlers, Ambrose and Mary (feely) McIntyre; Elizabeth, married Frank Jones, son of John and Vina (Davis) Jones; Nellie, married Morris Elmer Simon, son of E. D. and Caroline (Zimmerman) Simon of Blaine County; Ralph, married Bertha Darling, daughter of Albert and Amelia (Loutzenhiser) Darling; Sam; and Dewey, who married Bernice Trent, daughter of George and Maggie (Stanton) Trent. George Worth and Ashley B. Cooley, old settlers of Madison Square, built the first bridge across the North Loup river in this vicinity, which was known for many years as the “Sawyer Bridge”.

Warren W. Henry and his wife, Sarah, came to Loup County in 1883/1886* and homesteaded on land which is now part of the Harold Switzer place. Mr. Henry had been previously married to Ann Robinson, who may have been a sister of Mrs. Hurlburt. They had a daughter, Mildred, and she and her husband, Peter VanRheem, homesteaded on land which is now part of the Jones place. Warren W. and Sarah Henry were parents of George; Zada; Lottie; Annie; May; Charles W., and Rhoda, who married Sam Hurlburt, a brother of Mrs. George Worth.

In 1884, William Moninger and his wife, the former Ella Brown, came from Fremont to the Kent area on Loup County where Mr. Moninger helped build the county’s first bridge at Kent. When the bridge was completed they came on up the valley and camped on a meadow which is still a part of the Moninger Ranch. This homestead was about nine miles northwest of Almeria.

Mr. Moninger was one of the original organizers of the Newton irrigation company, served as county sheriff from 1892 until 1896, was county treasurer for nine years, and was county assessor for a time. Their children were: Pearl, who later married Henry Roblyer; Fern, who first married Francis Hoobler and second married Herman Moench; Laura, married Paul Myers, son of Grant and Grace (Thompson) Myers; Annie, who became Mrs. Roy Austin; Lila (Larson); John, who married Ella Fales, a daughter of Ellis and Alice Fales; Fay who married Wesley Smith, a son of Blaine County settlers, Edwin and Anna Smith; George, married Louella Sinner, daughter of Clarence and Ella (Garner) Sinner of Blaine County; and Fred, who with his wife, Wilda (Gumb), lived on the Moninger homestead until his death in 1971.

John Abbott, the father of George Abbott who settled down the river, came with his wife, Jane (Warner), and their family, in 1886, and settled on the place now owned by Harold Switzer. Mr. Abbott had the first alfalfa field in Loup County on this place. The Abbotts later moved to Taylor. A son, Burt, died in 1903 and an older son, Eddie died before the family came to Loup County. Another son, Allen C., moved to Valparaiso in about 1903. His wife was Nannie Lindblad. The remaining Abbott children were: George; Ida, who first married Clarence Strohl and second married Raymond Clark; Esther, who married Steve Copp, a son of Calvin and Rhoda Copp; Fay married Harry VanHouton, a son of Jack and Carried (Renniff) VanHouton; Ella, married Lorenzo D. Roblyer;
and Maggie, who became Mrs. Charles Swanson.

Others who settled in this community were: John Lawless1884; William Brown 1883; Amos Brown 1884; Robert Collinwood 1884; Monroe B. Graham 1885; George B. Spangler 1886; Henry Spangler 1883; Charles Weed before 1887; and Al and Gerty Westby. None of these families remained in the county for any length of time.

[ * One source states that Henrys came in 1883 
in the company of the Worths.]
*Walter Worth passed away in 1974.

Ref: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 14 Elsie Harden. 



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Moninger Family Members Graduating
from High School or College

Stacey Lynn Moninger

Willamette High School
Eugene, Oregon

June 2010

Donald Leroy & Shelly Moninger
Donald F. & Edna (Arms) Moninger
Great Grandparents:
John E. & Esther Luella (Fales) Moninger
Great Great Grandparents:
William Seth & Ella Jane (Brown) Moninger


Travis Lee Sterner

University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska

Business Degree

May 2010

Ed & Linda (Moninger) Sterner

Everett & Arlene (Hall) Moninger

Great Grandparents:
John E. & Esther Luella (Fales) Moninger

Great Great Grandparents:
William S. & Ella Jane (Brown) Moninger


Loyd (Bumpie) Olson, III

Craighton University
Omaha Nebraska

Doctor Degree

May 2010

Loyd (Bump) & Debbie (Shott) Olson, II

Loyd (Bump) & Evelyn (Moninger) Olson

Great Grandpaernts:
John E. & Esther Luella (Fales) Moninger

Great Great Grandparents:
William S. & Ella Jane (Brown) Moninger


Nathan (Nate) Coleman

University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska

Social Science

May 2010

Elton & Gertrude (Yocum) Coleman

Roy & Dell (Roblyer) Yocum

Great Grandparents:
Henry & Pearl (Moninger) Yocum

Great Great Grandparents:
William S. & Ella Jane (Brown) Moninger


Christopher Wesley Maggart

Tallahassee University
Tallahassee Florida


August 2010

Don D. & Laura Maggart

Donald L. & Erma Virdena (Moninger) Maggart

Great Grandparents:
John E. & Esther Luella (Fales) Moninger

Great Great Grandparents:
William S. & Ella Jane (Brown) Moninger


Russell Alan Cox

Marquette University
Milwawkee, Wisconsin

Electrical Engineering

August 2010

Roger & Gayle (Yocum) Cox

Gordon & Lola (Green) Yocum

Great Grandparents:
Roy & Dell (Roblyer) Yocum

Great Great Grandparents:
Henry & Pearl (Moninger) Roblyer

Great Great Great Grandparents:
William S. & Ella Jane (Brown) Moninger


Elissa Evelyn Olson

Emmanuel Hospital
Omaha Nebraska

August 2010

Loyd (Bump) & Debbie (Shott) Olson II

Loyd (Bump) & Evelyn (Moninger) Olson I

Great Grandparents:
John E. & Esther Luella (Fales) Moninger

Great Great Grandparents:
William S. & Ella Jane (Brown) Moninger


Aimee Jayne Olson

University Of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska


December 2010

Curtis Olson & Polly (Killion) Olson

Paul & Ella Jane (Moninger) Killion

Great Grandparents:
John E. & Esther Luella (Fales) Moninger

Great Great Grandparents:
William S. & Ella Jane (Brown) Moninger


If you know any Moninger that is graduating, 


send their name, school, and date to 

"Site Manager"

Pictures may be included.

Past information on 

Graduations, Weddings, and Births 

May be found in the 

"Special Memories"



Aivree Jayne Jeppsen
February 18, 2010

Jason & Ashlea (Olson) Jeppsen

Curt Olson & Polly (Killion) Olson

Jane Killion
Ron & Terry Jeppsen 

John & Esther Luella (Fales) Moninger 



9 – Kathryn Austin – 47
15 – Ava (Yocum) Small - 27
15 – Kristin (Small) Durham - 73
19 – Patrick Hart – 83
23 – Elisa Small - 87
27 – Seth Moninger - 89
28 – Mary Hart - 85
29 – Colleen (Lindauer) Hart - 52
30 – Daniel Fleming - 63


1 – Jeri (Larson) Lindauer – 35
2 – Joy Greenwald – 76
5 – Isabella Svec - 08
12 – Sonja (Smith) Nichols – 52
17 – Cinch Beetison – 03
18 – David Hennings - 55
18 - Aivree Jeppsen - 10  
19 – Patrick Hart – 83
19 – Harrison Wietzki - 98
20 – Kaiden Cole Lenner – 96
20 – Colton Wietzki - 03
24 – Hayden Armstrong – 06
25 – Leigh Searson - 46
28 – Tyler Lindauer – 83
29 – Lisa (Smith) Paxton – 68


1 – Karen (Moninger) Henry – 41
1 – Jenae (Labruska) Abbott – 82
8 – Danielle Small -
11 – Cody - 84
20 – Marilyn (Krysl) Hennings - 58
21 – Michael Dircksen – 49
22 – Michael Nichols - 45
25 – Cheryl (Moninger) Bettin – 63
29 – Melissa (Swiercek) Lindauer - 79
30 – Ty Beetison - 05


5 – Jacquelyn (Lindauer) Lorenson – 78
7 – Joseph DesRochers – 83
8 – Danielle Small - 82
9 – Douglas – 63
10 – Donna (Yocum) Dircksen – 33
10 – Christine Wietzki - 73
13 – Jerry Abbott – 49
16 – Christian (Fleming) Seitz - 54
20 – Georgia (Dircksen) Nelms – 51
23 – Richard “Dick” Lindauer – 30
24 – Shawn Pfender – 68
26 – Herbert Small - 24
28 – Emma Lorenson - 06


3 – Patrica (Dircksen) Hupfer – 57
4 – Julie (Hennings) Vickers 58
7 – Colette (Lindauer) Pfender – 59
8 – Nathan Svec - 00
12 – Ralph Moninger - 69
12 – Sean Hart – 95
15 - Julie (Lindauer) Liebman - 79
19 – Kaya – 86
20 – Carter Frecks – 06
23 – Brandon Lorenson – 78
23 – Logan Wietzki - 05
24 – Cort - 89
26 – Melinda (Bolli) Gonzales – 69
26 - Cody Henry – 71
28 – Richard Dean Lindauer - 54
31 – Adam Wietzki - 75


2 – Mason Wietzki – 07
4 – Hunter Frecks – 97
6 – Donald Small – 48
6 – Thomas Vickers - 79
10 – Marilyn (Bolli) Ott – 72
13 – Gregory Greenwald – 67
13 – Katherine Hart - 81
16 – Jeffery Greenwald - 65
18 – Raliegh Bolli - 43
22 – Serryn Lenners – 00
23 – Olivia Hart – 00
25 – Donald Hennings - 33
27 – Robert R. Moninger - 48


1 – Tracy (Nelms) Cook – 72
2 – Pauline Moninger – 07
3 – Gordon Yocum - 30
3 – Gary Austin - 42
4 – Isabelle - 03
7 – Ava Bolli – 06
11 – Candice Gray – 75
11 – Fallon Wietzki - 08
13 – Rodney Wietzki - 74
17 – Deanna (Hesselgesser) Greenwald - 42
19 – Jamie Abbott – 78
19 – Walker Mead - 06
22 – Stephen Dircksen - 55
23 – Debra (Moninger) Stickel - 65
23 – Coy Beetison - 07
23 - Michael Bolli – 67
25 – Jean Lindauer - 55
26 – Colt - 87


2 – Nolah Bolli –
3 – Henry Moninger, Jr. – ?
4 – Robert Lindauer - 55
5 – Jesse Bolli – 77
16 – Nancy (Moninger) Miles - 49
20 – Jay Lindauer - 55
25 – Nancy (Moninger) Miles
26 – Pam Small - 56
27 – Karlie Armstrong - 99
29 – Ryan Cole – 80
31 – Shauna Wietzki - 99


1 – Deborah (Dircksen) Erickson – 51
4 - Brian Austin – 75
6 – Jordyn Svec - 06
8 – Kristi (Austin) Svec – 72
13 – Melissa (Moninger) Frecks - 71
16 – Gaylen Austin - 43
16 – Nelva (Walker) Austin - 22
18 – Julie (Bolli) Caniglia – 78
18 – Lindsey Small - 80
19 – Susan (Bolli) Moore - 55
25 – Tim Moninger - 51
26 – David Greenwald – 38
21 – Peter Hart - 52


1 - Gunnar - 08
4 – Andrew Liebman – 78
8 – Cynthia (Coenen) Wietzki - 76
8 – Sarianna Abbott - 02
9 - Janice (Hesselgesser) Abbott – 46
10 – Peter Hart, Jr. – 79
22 – Lela (Butcher) Moninger -
23 – Larry Nelms - 49
27 – Kim (Henry) Eckert – 64
27 – Mandy (Small) Loriot - 77
30 – Ann Lindauer - 82


2 – Christopher Vickers – 58
4 – Johnette – 59
8 – Roy “Doby” Moninger, III - 68
9 – Monica Lindauer – 85
9 – Mathew Lindauer – 85
13 – Margaret Lindauer – 95
20 – Lola (Green) Yocum - 31
20 – Emily Austin – 07
24 – LaDonna (Dircksen) Mead – 71
27 – Jacob Svec – 02
30 – Cindy Moninger - 56


5 -  Luke Moninger - 08
8 – Janet (Daily) Hennings – 37
11 – Buzz Henry – 37
13 – Ethan Lorenson – 03
15 – Joseph Small - 68
25 – Jeremy Abbott – 75
28 – Mark Lindauer - 79
31 – Jamie Armstrong – 76 



3 – Larry & Georgia (Dircksen) Nelms – 72


Edward & Lois (Bartig) Small - 87


10 – Donald & Pam Small – 76
13 – John & Tracy (Nelms) Cook – 99
16 – Lawrence & Donna Dircksen – 66
24 – Richard “Dick” & Jeri (Larson) Lindauer - 51


21 –Ralph Moninger & Mary (Gerrish) Roberts– 07 26 – Buzz & Karen (Moninger) Henry – 59
26 - Jerry & Jan Abbott – 75
26 – Mark & Melissa (Swiercek) Lindauer – 04
27 – George & Sue Small - 68


31 – Stanley & Nelva Austin - 41


2 – Scott & Susan (Bolli) Moore – 89
10 – Adam & Christina Wietzki - 95
21 – Michael & Sonja (Smith) Nichols – 75
21 – Gary & Jamie Armstrong - 99
23 – Gary & Kathryn Austin – 67
26 – Brandon & Jacquelyn (Lindauer) Lorenson – 99
26 – Mark & Melissa Lindauer -


3 – Robert & Jay Lindauer – 76
9 – Richard Dean & Jean Lindauer – 77
10 – Jason & Maria Beetison – 04
30 – Raliegh & Barbara (Bruce) Bolli – 66
31 – Tim & Cindy Moninger – 87
31 – Thomas & Shauna (Potts) Vickers - 04


6 – Donald & Janet (Daily) Hennings – 57
9 – David & Marilyn (Krysl) Hennings
11 – Brian & Jodi Austin – 06
18 - Peter & Colleen (Lindauer) Hart - 72
29 – Christopher & Julie (Hennings) Vickers - 87
31 – Gene & Kristi (Austin) Svec - 96


1 – Tom & Deborah (Dircksen) Erickson – 51
1 – Joe & Julie (Bolli) Caniglia – 07
2 – David & Deanna (Hesselgesser) Greenwald - 61
6 – Daniel & Joyce (Moninger) Fleming - 52
19 – Joel & Cheryl Bettin - 87
22 – Rodney & Cynthia (Coenen) Wietzki - 01


28 – Douglas & Johnette - 83


20 – Gordon & Lola (Green) – 54


1 – Shawn & Colette (Lindauer) Pfender – 99
3 – Andrew & Julie (Lindauer) Liebman - 04
30 - Jamie & Jenae Abbott - 00 



21 – Stanley Austin – 1985
31 - Roy William Monigner, Sr. - 1986 



20 - John Emerick Moninger - 1978




25 - Suzanne Victoria (Kudlak) Moninger – 2007 


13 – Doris Geraldine Smith - 2007 


21 - William Moninger - 1940
8 – Joseph DesRochers – 2004
26 – Ava (Yocum) Small - 2005 


Phyllis Holmes - 2006 


31 - Nolah Ava Bolli - 2005



10 - Esther L. Moninger - 1988

This essay was read at

 Nolah Bolli's funeral.

"Live Each Day To The Fullest"

S. H. Payer

Live each day to the fullest. 

Get the most from each hour,

 each day, 

and each age of your life. 

Then you can look forward with 

confidence, and back without regrets.

Be yourself--but be your best self.

Dare to be differnt and 

to follow your own star.

And don't be afraid to be happy.

Enjoy what is beautiful. 

Love with all your heart

and soul. 

Believe that those you love, love you .

Forget what you have done 

for your friends,

and remember what they 

have done for you.

Disregard what the world owes you,

 and concentrate on what you 

owe the world.

When you are faced with a decision,

 make that decision 

as wisely as possible--

then forget it. 

The moment of absolute certainty 

never arrives.

And above all, 

remember that God 

helps those who help themselves.

 Act as if everything 

depended upon you, 

and pray as if everything

depended upon God.


25 Rooms!
Library, Indian Room, 
Country School Room,
Doctors - Dentists,
Butter Factory display,
much more!

Open Sundays from May 1 to October 1
Hours: 2:00 to 4:00 P.M.

Special Appoinments Call:

The Society helps with restoration of historical buildings, does cemetery tours and upkeep, can help you with your family research. At work now on the Erina Project and constantly improving the museum.


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2018 MONINGER FAMILY REUNION   / Johnette Moninger
2018 Moninger Family Reunion

Friday May 25 and May 26
Taylor Community Center
Taylor Nebraska

More Info to come.
Saturday Meal   / Johnette Moninger (Family)
Saturday July 23, 2016

Sharon Adams is going to pick up chicken in Sargent and there will be pulled pork for Sat noon meats

Remember your pictures and stories Look forward to seeing you on Saturday


Plus, I wi...  Continue >>
Moninger Family   / Johnette Moninger
Ann Mcevoy

Moninger Family Hope to see you all at the reunion Pot Luck at the Taylor Community Center Noon Sat, July23; brunch SuRenday 11ish; Remember Pictures (old unlabeled for contest) New to share: remember when stories to share;...  Continue >>
PATRICIA L. HUPFER   / Johnette Moninger
(May 3, 1957 - June 28, 2016)

Patricia K. “Pat” Hupfer, 59, of North Platte, passed away June 28, 2016 at her home. She was born on May 3, 1957, to Lawrence and Donna (Yocum) Dircksen at North Platte. Pat wa...  Continue >>
2016 MONINGER FAMILY REUNION 2016   / Johnette Moninger (Doug's Wife )
Sorry for my tardiness in getting my communication out..but Georgia tells me it is my 'Job' .
We have reserved the Taylor Community Center for July 23 and 24 (Sat and Sun) with our main pot luck Sat at noon, maybe find a restaurant with some lo...  Continue >>
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Special Memories
Mrs. Nelson Brown  

Mrs. Nelson Brown
(Annie E. Jones Brown)

The Waterloo Gazette
9 March 1905

Mrs. Nelson Brown, an old and respected resident of this vicinity, died at her home three miles southwest of Waterloo on Thursday, March 2, 1905, aged 62 years, 8 months and 18 days. Her son-in-law, Harrison Melton, who was taken sick befroe Mrs. Brown took down, passed away Sunday evening, March 5. The Meltons lived near the Brown home.

Annie E. Johnes was born in England in 1842, immigrating to Amrica when 14 years old and coming direct to Omaha. She was married in 1857 to Nelson Brown and they lived in Omaha and othe places until 1874, whey they moved to the farm where the family has since resided. Twelve children were born to them, nine of whom still live. The husband and father died February 12, 1990. The children living are: Mrs. Louis Yeager, Valley; Mrs Herbert Robinson, Mrs. Melton and Richard Melton, living in the country: W.R. Brown, Springfield, Nebraska; Mrs. T.A. Hicks, Spokane, Washington; Mrs. Will Moninger, Almera, Loup County, Nebraska, George Brown, St. Joseph, Missouri; Mrs. Eliza Brown, Independence, Mr.

Funeral services were held Sunday at 1o'clock at the house. Elder Self of Omaha officiating. Mrs. Brown was a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints and was a devoted christiam woman, a beloved mother and faithful wife. A large number of friends and neighbors attended the services. Interment was at Prospect Hill cemetery.

Harrison Melton was born near Bennington and was 41 years old at the time of his death. He leave a wife and five children, who morn the loss of a kind husband and devoted father. The case is peculiarlysad for the wife, losing her mother and husband so near together, and she has the sympathy of all in her deep sorrow.

Funeral sevices were held at the Brown home Tuesday at 2 o'clock, Elder Self officiating. Burial was at Prospect Hill cemetery. Mr. Melton was also a member of the Latter Day Saints church.

The Saints Herald, Vol. 52, No. 15                       April 12, 1905


Brown-Sr. Annie Brown was born April 20, 1842 at Monmouthshire, England.


Moninger Family Members Graduating

from High School or College 

Colt William Moninger

Douglas Lynn & Johnette (Dailey) Moninger

Roy William Moninger , Jr. & Ruth (Semrau) Chew

Great Grandparents: 
Roy William & Lela (Butcher) Moninger, Sr. 

Great Great Grandparents:
John E. & Esther Luella (Fales) Moninger

South Sioux City High School

South Sioux City, NE

May 21, 2006 


B.J. Carr

Great Grandparents:
Faye Moninger Smith

Southeast High School

Yoder, WY

May 21, 2006


Cort Michael Moninger 

Douglas Lynn & Johnette (Dailey) Moninger

Roy William Moninger, Jr. & Ruth (Semrau) Chew

Great Grandparents:
 Roy William & Lela (Butcher) Moninger, Sr.

Great Great Grandparents:
John E. & Esther Luella (Fales) Moninger 

South Sioux City High School

South Sioux City, NE

May 18, 2008


Kaya Elizabeth Moninger 

Douglas Lynn & Johnette (Dailey) Moninger 

Roy William Moninger, Jr. & Ruth (Semrau) Chew

Great Grandparents:
Roy William & Lela (Butcher) Moninger, Sr.

Great Great Grandparents:
John E. & Esther Luella (Fales) Moninger

Western Iowa Tech Community College

Sioux City Iowa

May 16, 2008




Melissa Jo Moninger Frecks,

Kirk Frecks,


Big Brother Hunter Jon

are proud to announce the birth of their


Carter James Frecks.

Saturday May 20, 2006

Melissa is the daughter of Tim, 

Granddaughter of Frank, 


Great-Granddaughter of John.



Jesse & Betsy Bolli


Beatrice NE


Raliegh & Jean Bolli

of Burwell NE

Great Grandmother:

the late

Nolah Ava Bolli

of Burwell NE

Are proud to announce the

newest addition to the

"Family Tree"

Ava Catherine Bolli

July 7, 2006

12:56 P. M.

7 lbs. 6 ozs.

20 inches.

Ava was named after two of her


Ava is Nolah's middle name


Catherine is Besty's Grandmother's

middle name.


LaDonna (Dircksen) Mead


Terry Mead



to announce

the newest addition


The Family Tree.

Walker Joseph Mead

Born July 19, 2006 


Gunnar William Moninger 

7 lbs. 2 oz. 

20 in. 

October 1, 2008 

Parents: Colt Moninger 

Sister: Isabelle Moninger 

Grandparents: Douglas & Johnette Moninger 

Great-Grandparents: Roy William Moninger, JR.
& Ruth Chew 

Great-Great-Grandparents: Roy William & Lela Moninger, SR. 


Luke Robert Moninger 

8 lbs. and 21 1/2 inches 

December 5, 2008 

Parents: Ralph and Mary Lynn Moninger 

GrandParents: Robert & Lucille Moninger 

Great-Grandparents: William Francis
& Ruth Moninger 

Great-Great-Grandparents: Orval & Frances Moninger 


Saturday July 19, 2008  


The Moninger Family Reunion will be at

The First Lutheran Church

North Platte, Nebraska

305 West 5th Street In the Large Meeting Room

10 A.M. till 4 P.M.

July 19th, 2008.

Brunch Sunday will be at

Donna and Lawrence's Dircksens Home

802 Grande,North Platte Ne.

from 10 A.M. till 2 P.M.

or till the gossip runs out.

The meeting room at church has a large Gym, Kitchen,

and bathrooms.

There is a lawn outside with some shade.

Moninger Family Reunion 2010 Plans  

Moninger Family Reunion

"Ella Jane Brown Moninger - Pioneer Woman"

Friday July 9,

Saturday July 10


Sunday July 11

Lingle Community Presbyterian Church
Corner of 3rd Street and Leiter Ave.
Lingle, Wyoming

Your hosts:

David and Deanna Greenwald


Jerry and Janice Abbott

First order of Business:

We are going to try, with your help, to put together a

Moninger Family Cook Book

with recipes from YOU.
We would also like to have a picture
of the person submitting the recipe to add to the book.
If you would like to be included please have your recipes and picture to us by

December 31, 2009

so we have time to compile the book and get it to the printers. Send them to

Deanna Greenwald
P. O. Box 69
Lingle, WY 82223

email them to me at the address listed above.

Thank you.

I’m looking forward to some wonderful
family recipes.


There are three motels in Torrington where we are trying to get group rates for you. There are also motels in Scottsbluffs/Gearing, NE.

Briefly, at this point, the plans are as follows:

Friday July 9th

is an unstructured day for your leisure travel. There will be registration at the Presbyterian Church in Lingle anytime that afternoon or evening.
We are trying to get a "Brown" cousin here to share her research on Ella Jane’s parents.
For those of you who would like to visit there will be coffee and cookies available.
Dinner is on your own that evening.
There is only one café in Lingle, "Lira’s Mexican Café" with a Friday Night Special,
there are a number of food places in Torrington.

Saturday, July 10th

10:00 a.m. Registration continues.
Bring any items relating to
"Grandma Moninger"
( a handkerchief that was hers or a piece of jewelry, you get the idea)
that you would be willing to display.
Bring pictures of your family.
You may want to take the morning to do some sightseeing in the area or view the displays relating to Ella Jane Brown Moninger in the social hall at the Church.
There will be organized games.
Children can unwind at the school playground adjacent to the Church.
A light luncheon will be available at the Church around noon.
Saturday afternoon we will have organized games for children and adults, the city swimming pool will be open for those who wish to cool off.
Gentlemen, sharpen your pocket knives as we will have an apple pealing contest for you.

We would like to take some time in the afternoon for family photos.

Saturday evening we plan to have a cookout courtesy of your hosts. Dress casually please. After the evening meal we will have more games, roast marshmallows over a campfire and perhaps have a sing-a-long. Bring guitars, harmonicas etc. to join in the fun.

Sunday July 11th

the Church kitchen will be open around 8:00 a.m. for those of you who need to prepare your carry-in dish. The morning is open for your visiting, attending church services or sightseeing in the area.
Lunch will be around 12:30 giving those attending church services in Torrington, time to get there.
We will plan on a white elephant auction again this year.
The program will be SHORT!
I realize you would rather visit than listen to me babble on.
As we have extra money in our "kitty" it has been suggested that we might want to do something special with some of it.
So for your consideration here are some of the ideas that have been offered:
buying a brick honoring a serviceperson at the "20th Century Veterans Memorial" in North Platte, NE.
(For more information on this visit )
donating toward a larger sign at the Moulton Cemetery, OR perhaps offering a scholarship to a descendant of Ella Jane’s as many in the family were teachers. If you have an idea or comment please share it with us at the reunion or if you want to remain anonymous, contact me and I will keep your identity private.

Visit the Moninger Heritage Web Site

as I will be posting information there as it becomes available
please feel free to contact me personally via email at,

mail me at:

Deanna Greenwald
Box 69
Lingle WY 82223

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